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At 8:15pm tonight, I will no longer be a student. That is the first time I can say that, in, well, about 19 years. I wrote my last two college papers (which I finished last night at 1am, obviously) and my last articles for the paper. I also gave next year’s Managing Editor the keys to both The Envoy office and the EIC and ME office–I wasn’t even as sad as I thought I’d be.

The best word I could use to describe how I feel right now is “ripe.” I really do love Hunter and all my Envoy-ers so much, but I actually feel ready to leave. I thought I would be walking down the halls with tears in my eyes and hanging on to the dirty couches of the office with all my might. Instead, today didn’t feel any different at all.

I was a bit hesitant to give up my keys though; that was huge. They have been mine for three years! It was like when you move and you finally have to hand the keys over from your home to these newbies that are moving in. But much like buying a new home, though you are sad to leave the old one that you have memories of growing up in, you are excited to get settled in the new house. The only problem is that I sold my house before I signed the deed to my new one. That’s alright though, I’m still excited to do some more house hunting and finally be able to repaint the walls will colors of my choice. 

To the future!


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Eye allergies

Last week my left eye was all red. I was extremely freaked out by this and assumed that I was going to go blind from my contact solution. (Hey–that isn’t as far fetched as you think.) It turns out my eyes are allergic to something, but me and the eye doc don’t know exactly what yet. It could be my contacts, my contact solution or just dust and pollen. Today my right is eye is tearing like crazy. I think it might be the dust and pollen. 

Today there were two little mice in the Envoy  office (oh City University), it was also our last meeting of the semester and my last meeting, well ever. I think it will hit me when I write my Letter from the Editor in the last issue. This paper has taken up the majority of my time (and my thoughts) for almost three years and I will definitely be sad to leave. I love this mice and rat ridden office. 

Yesterday was my last day at Time Out New York Kids. The editors had a little party with fruit and brownies for me and Emily, the other intern, and they gave us cards that they all signed and wrote good luck and thank you notes to us. It was really very sweet and kind. When it was time to go, everyone was telling us to just relax and not be so worried about getting a job. One of them even called Emily and I “very employable.” That was the best thing anyone has ever said to me, haha. 

Although a bunch of “last” things are going on, new things are happening too. I have an interview at an amazing monthly next week, I have options (well, a few) and although I’m scared, I am looking forward to graduation. In other news, I just got a blackberry and man is it amazing. I can check media news constantly and read The Times on my phone and apply to jobs on the street! I realize getting excited about all that really confirms that I am loser, haha. 

I PROMISE that when things calm down (i.e. when I finish these two final projects that stand between me and my degree) I will post consistently on all the media-related (and some non media) happenings in my life.

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