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Yesterday I wrote about using Twitter to market yourself and network for your job search. One of blogs I linked to for tips on this, JobMob, commented on the post and suggested I let you know what tips I find helpful and actually use. I’m still very new to Twitter, but these beginner methods have proved advantageous to me. Be sure to check out yesterday’s links for a more comprehensive list of ideas.

Getting Started on Twitter and Actually Being Visible

1- Find your friends. Every guide to Twitter has a different take on this. Some suggest finding Tweeters (twitter users in twitter lingo) with common interests first, others suggest following Tweeters that follow you back and some say don’t follow your friends off the bat. I found some friends first, which lead me to other friends via my friend’s followers. Your goal is to follow users and have followers, too and following your friends is a great start. (That is a lot of following…)

2- Follow your heart. After I started tweeting and found some friends, I branched out to tweeters with common interests. Since I’m interested in publishing, I followed tweeters like Anne Wayman (the writer behind AboutFreelanceWriting.com), News Recruiter which tweets about people coming and going in jobs in the media world and of course, The New York Times. I also followed tweeters out of my leisure interests as well, like the New York Giants—all work and no play would make Charlotte a dull girl.

3- Tweet a whole bunch of updates. Now that you are part of the Twitterhood, be an active member! What are you doing? I like to link to blog posts that will interest my followers, like my post on making your own way in a rough economy. I can link to articles I’ve written and want to share, sites I find helpful and even talk about an interview I’m going to go on. You can ask for advice, link to your web page and really get yourself out there by finding more followers that will have an interest in your content. A fun tweet once in a while is good too. You might be tweeting via a machine, but you are still human.

4- Auto-follow your followers. I use the service TweetLater so I can automatically follow people who follow me. This will increase your immediate community and expose you to more people. Be sure to check every once in a while for spammers and people who aren’t really contributing to your conversations.

5- Don’t be afraid of Twitter Directories. Use directories like TwitDir, Twellow and Just Tweet It to find professionals in your industry to follow. This will not only help keep you up to date with industry news, but increase your real life network once you get a dialogue going with them.

6-Take a walk around your new ‘hood. Like moving to a new place, you need to get out and explore. Twitter is still pretty new, so even though a tweeter has 11,000 followers, they are still new in town, too. Use Twitter Search to scope out what’s going on and search relevant keywords (to your interests, industry, etc.) to see who comes up, and follow the ones that stand out and offer information to you. Twitter can be a job/marketing tool and enjoyable at the same time—so get out there and tweet!

(Special thanks to Jacob from JobMob for the blogging tip!)
Till tomorrow,


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A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for Twitter. I found that after I told some of my friends I joined, a few didn’t even know what is was. For those of you that don’t know, Twitter is a social networking site that is used kind of like your Facebook status (called microblogging)—quick, 140 character or less messages that let the network in on what you’re doing.

Twitter is used by all different folks for all different reasons. Some update it with messages like “Waiting on line at the supermarket,” others like Barack Obama for example, tweet things like “Asking for your vote today. For polling location info visit http://VoteForChange.com or call 877-874-6226. Make sure everyone votes!” You can see the capabilities a tool like this has for news, media and your job search.

I’ve yet to realize utilize Twitter to its fullest when it comes to networking for jobs. It has really come in handy once (I’ve only been using it for two weeks)—when someone found my Twitter page (which links to this blog), read I was looking for a job and offered to go over my resume with me (he is a career author). This, obviously, is not only a step in the right direction for my Twitter use, but was also extremely helpful for my job search.

Here are a list of links that give advice on using Twitter to network for your job search and freelance opportunities.

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Dad and Grandpa, Thanksgiving

Dad and grandpa in their Yankee caps on Turkey Day.

I definitely fell off the normal schedule wagon. Ever since Wednesday, I have been all over the place and barely getting anything resembling normal sleep. I had that early meeting Wednesday (when Raia threw pennies at my window) and didn’t get home till late that night. Thursday I was up nice and early to cook (successfully I might add. I’ve yet to blog about my mediocre-to-crappy cooking skills) and helping Dad out with the meal. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving—everyone was healthy, happy and glad to be with each other. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Later that night (and early this morning), I went Black Friday midnight madness-ing with my boyfriend Andrew, his brother and Raia. I was disappointed Burberry didn’t open till 7, but I nabbed a few good deals, walked around with a muff (wait, what? See photo) Me and the muffand I think everyone had a nice time (there weren’t even that many crowds to fight through!). The only problem was the whole getting to sleep at 7am thing. I slept till 1:00pm today. I am a bum.

I spent the rest of today vegging out, relaxing, making innovative creations out  of my leftovers and hanging with my Mom. I feel terrible I didn’t do more job  work, but I think I needed a couple of days off from the search. I had to put things in perspective, clear my head and get myself back on track. Tomorrow is back to the grind.

Don’t feel guilty about taking a break and some time for yourself, especially during the holidays. Don’t sleep in till 1pm everyday and watch marathons of True Life (not like I did that today or anything…), but it is OK to relax once in a while, even if you are unemployed.

Till tomorrow,

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With Raia and Kermit

With Raia and Kermit at the Macy's Parade Balloon Inflation

Eat turkey and celebrate everything you have to be thankful for, no matter what’s going on in your life.

Have a happy and a healthy! Will return tomorrow 🙂 Gobble gobble!!

Till tomorrow,

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This is my first post using mobile WordPress! Today was a bit hectic (hence the mobile post from the ferry on my SECOND trip into Manhattan), so I can’t stay long, but must stick to the vow.

My pal Raia (first name Nicole) gave me a ride into the city this morning for my early meeting and to pick up her otoscope case (she’s a crazy ear doctorate student and that’s the tool docs use to check out your ear). I was supposed to ready at 6:30, but instead, that is when I woke up to vibrations from several text messages. She even threw pennies at my window to try to wake me up! I got dressed in 15 minutes after I read the “today is gridlock alert!!!” message.

Not too much traffic on the way in, had a great meeting, Raia couldn’t score her ear tool case though, so it was kind of an early waste of time for her. We went food shopping for some last minute Thanksgiving necessities and surprisingly it wasn’t a zoo.

When I got home, I went over health insurance with Dad—it’s a bit of a headache and an administrative nightmare when you are unemployed. I’m going to post about that this week and explain all your options, especially if you are in NY.

Now we are on our way back into Manhattan (via public transportation this time) to meet my boyfriend Andrew and see the Macy’s Parade Balloon Inflation. Promise to post some photos.

The moral of today’s story is: I really need to get on a bit of a better schedule. Getting up 6:30, which should have been 5:45, was a bit too painful.

Oh, more freelance opportunities came in today! And go out and party kids, it’s Thanksgiving eve.

Till tomorrow (yup, I’m posting even though it’s a holiday),

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It’s true that most of the general requirement courses you are forced to take in college are such a load of you-know-what. Intro level literature, cultural anthropology, a bogus computer class—whatever they were, the majority of them wasted your time.

At Hunter, you are required to take two of your lame-ass intro classes at a “focused” level, i.e. 200 and up. I had already taken Sociology 101 and was looking for a course that would satisfy one of the other ridiculous requirements at the same time. I ended up taking Soc 307: Sociology of Migration. Needless to say, I was not exactly psyched about my selection. The class is (still) taught by Nancy Foner, a professor who is beyond über-informed about the topic of groups migrating to New York City. Long story short, the class turned out to be kick-ass and I actually learned about groups you never do in elementary/high school (read: not the first wave of immigration).

nail salonNot only was Soc 307 informative and interesting enough to keep me awake at 9:00 a.m., it is coming in handy during my job search. When the Koreans first came to New York, like many other groups before and after them, they struggled to find work and didn’t exactly find the land of dreams they had heard of. Instead of returning home or giving up, Koreans made work and a job market for themselves and their families—nail salons. It was a great idea, preying on exactly what ads discovered years ago: consumer insecurity. (A more recent example of this would be teeth whitening products.) Women (and later on, some men) would now think that in order to feel better about their appearance or look acceptable in the workplace and at the beach, their nails and toenails had to be in tip-top shape. And so the nail salon was born and the Koreans had plenty of jobs to fill.

In this climate, many of us are struggling to find work. Let history teach us a little career lesson: If you can’t find work, make your own. Find a market not being covered and cover it. Take advantage of freelance work since staffers are getting cut everyday. Make your own brand and sell yourself as the only person for the job. It’s not easy and it takes some hard work, but it can be done. If full-time, benefit-filled jobs aren’t coming your way, be smart and seek out/explore other options while others just give up and fall behind the eight ball.

Till tomorrow,

P.S. I really do need a manicure…

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Success! A whole 6 hours earlier than yesterday’s post. Can you guess where I am? Yup, that would be Panera. They should just hire me.

Adrian Grenier (Entourage's Vincent Chase)

Adrian Grenier (Entourage's Vincent Chase)

While doing my daily dose of ridiculous amounts of news/career reading, I found myself on JakeonJobs.com‘s blog reading about something I blogged about yesterday, Entourage. Jake’s post, Never-Ending Stories of Whining, Waiting and (Vincent) Chasing, took a different approach to the season finale than I did. He agrees that Vinny has lost his confidence and swagger, but argues that he just waited around for his next dream role to fall in his lap. Jake’s right—Vinny just moped around while his best friend/manager E (Eric) did a hell of a lot of work for him. Though Jake has raised a good point, I’m still taking Vinny’s lead role in the Scorsese film as a positive sign. After all, I’ve been doing the work of E and agent Ari, times ten. Plus, Adrien Grenier went to LaGuardia Arts High School, which just happens to be my alma matter, so it is like, totally still a sign.
Bottom line: No one should be just waiting around in this climate. Get up and get out there and find what you are looking for.

Today I did some resume revamping, applying, connecting and contacting—the usual. I’ve landed some freelance assignments as a result! Exciting, indeed. Speaking of assignments, that’s what I’m off to do now.
Tomorrow brings a conference, two meetings and another blog post.

Till tomorrow,

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