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chalkboardI have a confession. Though I have mentioned it in previous posts, the truth is, I’m not completely unemployed. Since my job search began (1.5 months ago), I’ve scored myself some freelancing gigs. It’s still a bit away from what I was making at my full-time position, but I’m only even this far because of all the work I’ve been doing and techniques I’ve been learning.

Currently I am freelance editorial assistant at Mommypoppins.com, I write about living on a college budget at Toggin.com, I’m a writer at NewtoNYC.com on things to do in and around New York City and also a writer at Cheapiness.com, where I write about living cheaply but chicly. The only reason I’ve got these going is the same reason I’m getting more hits to this site everyday: tons of reading.

When MySpace started to gain popularity, I remember getting lost on the site for a good couple of hours. I would start on a friend’s page and end up on a teenager’s profile from Miami, reading her blog about throwing a toothbrush at her mother. This is my earliest memory of the real power of the web—jumping around from site to site and ending up far away from where I started, all while gaining something in between (from playing around with my profile to make it look like the others I was stumbling upon, I actually learned a bit of HTML).

I can still get lost for hours on the web, just not on MySpace. Let’s say I start on Twitter and read an article one of my followers posted, like 10 Twitter Tips for Traditional Media. From there I’ll click on related links and end up reading about creative ways people have landed jobs (like circling all the errors on a newsletter and bringing it to the boss saying you can fix it). Then I’ll read someone’s comment on that post, which will take me to a site that makes custom T-shirt resumes. Within an hour I’ve learned, 1- some companies are using Twitter to better customer service 2- I can send a t-shirt that says “Hire Me” to a potential employer and 3- I should be better analyzing the keywords in job postings and putting those words on my resume.

Multiply that by three or so hours a day and my brain is getting some workout. I’ve even created a couple of binders so I can print out helpful resources to highlight, make notes on and refer back to (and finally close some tabs in Mozilla). Today I learned it is OK to respond to people’s messages on Twitter; it’s not Facebook and is meant for people to form relationships. I also learned about new ways to promote myself on social networking sites and about sites like helpareporterout.com, which help find sources and experts for articles.

Learning is key to promoting yourself, really getting out there and getting in people’s faces (and sticking in their minds). What did you learn today?

Till tomorrow,


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This is my first post using mobile WordPress! Today was a bit hectic (hence the mobile post from the ferry on my SECOND trip into Manhattan), so I can’t stay long, but must stick to the vow.

My pal Raia (first name Nicole) gave me a ride into the city this morning for my early meeting and to pick up her otoscope case (she’s a crazy ear doctorate student and that’s the tool docs use to check out your ear). I was supposed to ready at 6:30, but instead, that is when I woke up to vibrations from several text messages. She even threw pennies at my window to try to wake me up! I got dressed in 15 minutes after I read the “today is gridlock alert!!!” message.

Not too much traffic on the way in, had a great meeting, Raia couldn’t score her ear tool case though, so it was kind of an early waste of time for her. We went food shopping for some last minute Thanksgiving necessities and surprisingly it wasn’t a zoo.

When I got home, I went over health insurance with Dad—it’s a bit of a headache and an administrative nightmare when you are unemployed. I’m going to post about that this week and explain all your options, especially if you are in NY.

Now we are on our way back into Manhattan (via public transportation this time) to meet my boyfriend Andrew and see the Macy’s Parade Balloon Inflation. Promise to post some photos.

The moral of today’s story is: I really need to get on a bit of a better schedule. Getting up 6:30, which should have been 5:45, was a bit too painful.

Oh, more freelance opportunities came in today! And go out and party kids, it’s Thanksgiving eve.

Till tomorrow (yup, I’m posting even though it’s a holiday),

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Success! A whole 6 hours earlier than yesterday’s post. Can you guess where I am? Yup, that would be Panera. They should just hire me.

Adrian Grenier (Entourage's Vincent Chase)

Adrian Grenier (Entourage's Vincent Chase)

While doing my daily dose of ridiculous amounts of news/career reading, I found myself on JakeonJobs.com‘s blog reading about something I blogged about yesterday, Entourage. Jake’s post, Never-Ending Stories of Whining, Waiting and (Vincent) Chasing, took a different approach to the season finale than I did. He agrees that Vinny has lost his confidence and swagger, but argues that he just waited around for his next dream role to fall in his lap. Jake’s right—Vinny just moped around while his best friend/manager E (Eric) did a hell of a lot of work for him. Though Jake has raised a good point, I’m still taking Vinny’s lead role in the Scorsese film as a positive sign. After all, I’ve been doing the work of E and agent Ari, times ten. Plus, Adrien Grenier went to LaGuardia Arts High School, which just happens to be my alma matter, so it is like, totally still a sign.
Bottom line: No one should be just waiting around in this climate. Get up and get out there and find what you are looking for.

Today I did some resume revamping, applying, connecting and contacting—the usual. I’ve landed some freelance assignments as a result! Exciting, indeed. Speaking of assignments, that’s what I’m off to do now.
Tomorrow brings a conference, two meetings and another blog post.

Till tomorrow,

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I missed you blog. But now, I am back. Back to writing about navigating my way around this crazy media landscape that is New York City. What has changed since I’ve been gone and why am I back?

In July, I started working as an Editorial Assistant at a start-up, self-help website that had some big investors, one being a major media company. I learned so much, worked with great people and was beyond satisfied with my position. I looked forward to going to work in the morning and was eager to continue gaining experience at this company. As you know (unless you have found some amazingly cozy, group of rocks/cave to live in/under), the stock market has been a bit unpredictable and very shaky. The shaky market and overall economic environment of the country/world shook things up at work and there were lay offs, and I was one of them.

Enter roller coaster of emotions. I was in complete shock. I had been religiously following how bad the markets were doing but for some reason, I thought I was exempt from their effects. I felt as if a rug was ripped out form underneath me and most of all, I felt embarrassed. I was so excited about the position I had and about working in such a wonderful place, I didn’t realize how low I’d feel after such a high. Enter phase 2: From sadness to anger/bitterness. I felt cheated and ripped off, as if I just realized I lost half my money in a pyramid scam.

Once I got over feeling angry, the way I felt next could best be described with this phrase, “Shit. I need to get a job NOW.” I realized new undergrads would soon be becoming college graduates and they, too, would be job hunting and more people would be getting laid off soon, not less, and they, too would be searching. Therefore, I needed to hop off my emotional roller coaster, quit feeling and just start doing.

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been doing. I’ve been getting in touch with all my contacts, not being embarrassed and telling them what went down and how they can help, I’m applying to jobs, interviewing for positions, emailing editors at places I want to work for informational meetings, sending my resume and asking about open positions. I’ve discovering new job web sites and resources, I’m taking a freelancing course, designing my own website to showcase my clips and who I am and making more connections every single day. It took me about a week to get back into job search mode, but I haven’t stopped now that I’ve started. I’m the busiest unemployed person I know (unfortunately, I know a lot).


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I know, I know. Where have I been? The truth is I’ve been around and though I’ve been quite occupied, I haven’t exactly been swamped to the point where not posting for three weeks is even remotely acceptable. So what has been going on?

Life after graduation is kind of exactly like life before graduation, but now I just feel guilty for being off during the summer. My dad makes coffee for the house in the morning, which is definitely a fun bonus of being home (though I’m still sipping on a skim iced late at my favorite office, Starbucks, as I write to you my dear blogiverse. Hey, fancy people that work at Wired mag aren’t the only ones that can make up cool internet words). Anyway, the graduation parties are depleting my bank account, though they are helping me make killer facebook albums. At graduation, Hunter’s President Raab told us we could now officially change our facebook status to “Alum.” Social networking could actually take over the world.

Our keynote speaker, Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC, said we were going out into the world at a historic time, since Obama has just become the first African-American to get the Presidential nomination.

“This is one of those moments in history, people always remember where they were when it happened,” Matthews said. “You’ll always be able to say, “I was at Radio City Music Hall graduating from Hunter College.” (from the news page on http://www.hunter.cuny.edu) I hadn’t thought of it that way, so that is pretty cool. It’s way better than when people ask me “oohh you are from NYC? Where were you on 9/11?”

Both Matthews and one of the honorary degree recipients, Abbe Raven, president and CEO of A&E, talked about how they started at the bottom and with much determination they both landed on the top. Cliché as all hell but you bet your bottom dollar I was dreaming about how bad I want that to be me one day. Plus, I think Hunter would be thrilled to invite me back to speak.

In other media news, I went to an Ed2010.com Magazine Conference last weekend and loved every minute of it. They had good speakers, I learned some helpful tips, made contacts and met one of the women in magazines I really have been dying to meet. I finally successfully sent my “I almost creepily adore you” letter, telling her what she already knows, how inspiring she is to hundreds of aspiring mag editors. She was receptive and that made me feel good.

I hate that I am not working. My job prospects fluctuate everyday but I figure I literally just graduated not even a few days ago, so my hopes better still be up. I bought the ASME Best American Magazine Writing 2007 to make me feel more a part of their world (don’t lie you were thinking of The Little Mermaid when you read that. What do you call them? Feeeeeeeeeeeeet”). Next week starts more freelancing attempts.

Ok this weekend is filled with graduation parties and even an engagement party, so we shall meet again on Sunday, blogiverse.


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At 8:15pm tonight, I will no longer be a student. That is the first time I can say that, in, well, about 19 years. I wrote my last two college papers (which I finished last night at 1am, obviously) and my last articles for the paper. I also gave next year’s Managing Editor the keys to both The Envoy office and the EIC and ME office–I wasn’t even as sad as I thought I’d be.

The best word I could use to describe how I feel right now is “ripe.” I really do love Hunter and all my Envoy-ers so much, but I actually feel ready to leave. I thought I would be walking down the halls with tears in my eyes and hanging on to the dirty couches of the office with all my might. Instead, today didn’t feel any different at all.

I was a bit hesitant to give up my keys though; that was huge. They have been mine for three years! It was like when you move and you finally have to hand the keys over from your home to these newbies that are moving in. But much like buying a new home, though you are sad to leave the old one that you have memories of growing up in, you are excited to get settled in the new house. The only problem is that I sold my house before I signed the deed to my new one. That’s alright though, I’m still excited to do some more house hunting and finally be able to repaint the walls will colors of my choice. 

To the future!

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Dear Blogosphere,

I know I have to start writing daily–these weekly recaps are not nearly as effective as my day to day struggles. Once things calm down a bit over here, I promise I will post more often than weekly.

Monday, 4/21: Went to gynecologist. Nothing exciting, though I did wonder how many “unpleasant experiences” my doctor has had in his twenty something years of practice. I chalked this up to my journalistic sense of wanting to ask questions and learn more about everything..

Tuesday, 4/22: Dinner with my friend Jessica, also a journalist. She interns at The Daily News and used to be the EIC of her student newspaper. Over clams in a green sauce and garlic bread at a Spanish tapas bar/dive she told me how she landed her first gig at USA Today. Jess is really excited about it and I am too–she’s moving to Virginia for it and I’m proud. It was also good to be able to discuss work with someone who really cares about it. I know this is ridiculous, but I hate talking about work with people who are just “eh” about it. It takes away from my passion and just makes me plain annoyed.

Wednesday, 4/23: My first job interview! Interview with Jake Greene, author and informational meeting with Meredith Halpern, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications at Hunter. I really enjoyed the job interview–it was great conversation and I got to put some ideas out there. I would love to work there. I think it went well, did the edit test and will keep you posted.

Interview with Jake went great, I think his book, Whoa, My Boss is Naked! is such a good read, well written and perfect for my age group. It was also really cool just to be talking to an author.

Meeting with Meredith also went well. I really like her. I think she is such a great asset for Hunter and she never talks down to me, always treats me as an equal, and I really appreciate and respect that.

Thursday, 4/24: I get my first press badge. Press passOhhh and it felt so good. Time Out New York printed it up for me for the Tribeca Film Festival. It has my name and photo and says “Writer, TONY” which is totally cool. I tried to play it off like “no biggie” but I was celebrating. My parents were so excited, haha. (Never mind them, I was so excited I photographed it.)

Friday, 4/25-Sunday 4/27: is a blur. The Rangers lost the first two games against Pittsburgh. I was devestated. I did see Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay on Friday night though–I love bad college movies. It tried to be all satirical but I think it tried a little too hard. Sunday I felt so burnt out that I watched like 4 hours of Gossip Girl. In the morning, me and my male counterpart Michael did the extremely city thing of going to Sunday brunch. We went to ONE and dropped, well a bunch of city cash. I did have a bloody mary though, which made me feel super cool.

Monday, 4/27: I interview someone I really look up to, Sloane Crosley. Sloane works in publicity at an imprint at Random House and just recently published a book, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, which is a bunch of essays detailing her very New York experiences. I did it for our summer reading piece for The Envoy but talking to her was great. I tried not to let her know how cool I really thought she was but in my thank you email I said “Thanks for speaking with me today! I love the book and totally corny, but I am hoping my career will be as successful as yours has been.” Ok so that is not exactly keeping it cool but I can’t help it, I do aspire to do what she had done.

Also on Monday: I downloaded The Kills “Sour Cherry.” It is the song that plays during the OMFG Gossip Girl commercials. I know, I’m addicted. But it is an awesome song and the show is addictive, New York-ish and my guilty pleasure. In other GG news, 4/28’s episode featured Yin Chang, student at Hunter and new co-star to Blake Lively. Read about this local girl hitting the CW 11 here. Hunter was actually on the show tonight–the incredibly attractive twentysomethings-playing-high schoolers took the SATs there.

This Week:

Press screening at Tribeca Film Festival
Informational meetings with various editors at different publications. I went crazy and sent out emails to not just try to hook myself up, but to learn. I hope it works.

Rangers play tomorrow night, 4/29 and with work and all I probably won’t post again until Friday. Check back 🙂 .

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