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With my friend Alana at the Statue of Liberty

With my friend Alana at the Statue of Liberty

I was watching the Hulk tonight with my family, and instead of just enjoying the sound of the green man himself running through my living room (thanks to our crazy subwoofer), I was thinking about New York City. How many films have been made about New York, or take place in New York or completely destruct and demolish the twice-named town?

The Hulk was no exception (though there was destruction in Brazil and Virgina as well). As good green guy Edward Norton fought the evil green guy—the one that looked like the Hulk swallowed a stegosaurus and some fish skeletons—on the streets of Harlem, I thought about a New York that wasn’t featured in the movies. With all the problems of the “global economic meltdown” and job losses affecting this city, will we still be the star of flicks and the “capital of the world” (as one nice Italian street merchant once told me while painting my face for Carnivale, in Venice)? Would he still think that 50 years from now?

If you work in NYC or anywhere for that matter, you may find yourself trying to find work just for health benefits, living in fear of the pink slip, job searching after being laid off or contemplating a buyout offer. Though I usually concentrate on life after lay off (hmm I should copyright that phrase), some of you have written to me asking about buyout offers. If you are looking for some sound advice, check out Jenny Cromie’s (the voice behind The Golden Pencil) article on Evaluating a Buyout Offer, which appeared on Mediabistro.com this week. She talks to others about what they have done, tells you the 13 questions to ask yourself if you are considering a buyout offer and gives clear and detailed wisdom on how to handle making the decision.

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