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At 8:15pm tonight, I will no longer be a student. That is the first time I can say that, in, well, about 19 years. I wrote my last two college papers (which I finished last night at 1am, obviously) and my last articles for the paper. I also gave next year’s Managing Editor the keys to both The Envoy office and the EIC and ME office–I wasn’t even as sad as I thought I’d be.

The best word I could use to describe how I feel right now is “ripe.” I really do love Hunter and all my Envoy-ers so much, but I actually feel ready to leave. I thought I would be walking down the halls with tears in my eyes and hanging on to the dirty couches of the office with all my might. Instead, today didn’t feel any different at all.

I was a bit hesitant to give up my keys though; that was huge. They have been mine for three years! It was like when you move and you finally have to hand the keys over from your home to these newbies that are moving in. But much like buying a new home, though you are sad to leave the old one that you have memories of growing up in, you are excited to get settled in the new house. The only problem is that I sold my house before I signed the deed to my new one. That’s alright though, I’m still excited to do some more house hunting and finally be able to repaint the walls will colors of my choice. 

To the future!


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