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I know, I know. Where have I been? The truth is I’ve been around and though I’ve been quite occupied, I haven’t exactly been swamped to the point where not posting for three weeks is even remotely acceptable. So what has been going on?

Life after graduation is kind of exactly like life before graduation, but now I just feel guilty for being off during the summer. My dad makes coffee for the house in the morning, which is definitely a fun bonus of being home (though I’m still sipping on a skim iced late at my favorite office, Starbucks, as I write to you my dear blogiverse. Hey, fancy people that work at Wired mag aren’t the only ones that can make up cool internet words). Anyway, the graduation parties are depleting my bank account, though they are helping me make killer facebook albums. At graduation, Hunter’s President Raab told us we could now officially change our facebook status to “Alum.” Social networking could actually take over the world.

Our keynote speaker, Chris Matthews of Hardball on MSNBC, said we were going out into the world at a historic time, since Obama has just become the first African-American to get the Presidential nomination.

“This is one of those moments in history, people always remember where they were when it happened,” Matthews said. “You’ll always be able to say, “I was at Radio City Music Hall graduating from Hunter College.” (from the news page on http://www.hunter.cuny.edu) I hadn’t thought of it that way, so that is pretty cool. It’s way better than when people ask me “oohh you are from NYC? Where were you on 9/11?”

Both Matthews and one of the honorary degree recipients, Abbe Raven, president and CEO of A&E, talked about how they started at the bottom and with much determination they both landed on the top. Cliché as all hell but you bet your bottom dollar I was dreaming about how bad I want that to be me one day. Plus, I think Hunter would be thrilled to invite me back to speak.

In other media news, I went to an Ed2010.com Magazine Conference last weekend and loved every minute of it. They had good speakers, I learned some helpful tips, made contacts and met one of the women in magazines I really have been dying to meet. I finally successfully sent my “I almost creepily adore you” letter, telling her what she already knows, how inspiring she is to hundreds of aspiring mag editors. She was receptive and that made me feel good.

I hate that I am not working. My job prospects fluctuate everyday but I figure I literally just graduated not even a few days ago, so my hopes better still be up. I bought the ASME Best American Magazine Writing 2007 to make me feel more a part of their world (don’t lie you were thinking of The Little Mermaid when you read that. What do you call them? Feeeeeeeeeeeeet”). Next week starts more freelancing attempts.

Ok this weekend is filled with graduation parties and even an engagement party, so we shall meet again on Sunday, blogiverse.



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