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bookEveryone seemed to like my reading suggestions last week, so let’s keep this new feature going. When I search the web for content, I’m looking for writing advice, where to find gigs, increasing my network, career advice, ideas for this blog, media trends and news, ideas for freelancing and budgeting, and ideas for the clients I already work for. This explains the random range of articles that I’ll feature on “What to Read.” Keep sending me what you are curious about, and I’ll keep finding awesome and educational reads. Here is double the amount from last week’s “What to Read,” from giving gifts with meaning to networking tips and 100 places to find a job.

  1. Social Media Predictions 2009– Exactly what it sounds like and you can download a sweet .pdf. Hint: Web 2.0 is about passion and quality, not quantity (though that is important, too).
  2. How to Blog and Grow Rich– Makes it sound easier than it is, but some helpful tips.
  3. Are all Bloggers Journalists?– A very personal and interesting take on this endless debate.
  4. How to Give Gifts Unconditionally– A very sweet take on cheap and thoughtful gifts (and just in time for you holiday procrastinators).
  5. 8 Job Interview Tips– They are a bit obvious (like looking the interviewer in the eyes), but these gentle reminders are still key interview rules, and this article is nice crash course.
  6. How to Update Your Resume– Again, some are gentle reminders, but all are very important. These tips (like preparing a separate resume to tackle salary history questions), are a great place to start if you are beginning to revamp your resume.
  7. Personal Branding Lessons from an Advertising Exec– Great tips like, “Define and articulate your vision, mission, and message” and my personal favorite, “Learn and grow professionally.”
  8. Top 100 Blogs– If you are trying to get a new job, freelance write or blog, you NEED to be reading these. This is what the world is talking about.
  9. 100+ Places to Find a Job– Comprehensive list of sites to find gigs ranging form education to tech. Lists career building sites as well, and explains briefly what they all can do for you.
  10. Networking Tips– Been following @DailyCareerTips on Twitter. This is last week’s roundup. My fave: “When asking to network, don’t ask for appt convenient to you ask for a time that is “amenable to them across the next few weeks.” If you are on Twitter, I would follow them!

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junk_food_junkieYou are sending out resumes, making contacts and taking on new freelance work, but what about your health? Often we find it hard to put all our concentration towards one thing and be successful at something else at the same time. The same is true of eating right and exercising during a transition period like losing your job.

Here’s a list of what I do to keep myself in check. None of these are amazing revelations, yet we still don’t do any of them and they all can help tremendously.

1- Write it down.
I spend my day writing—cover letters, blog posts, articles—so I write down what I eat, too. Did you have a bagel for breakfast? Don’t have a sandwich for lunch; try soup instead. If you had pizza last night for dinner, have some eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast instead of a toaster strudel. Being able to see what you’ve been eating (don’t forget to include the little things too—like that Hershey’s kiss every time you pass the candy jar), will help prevent you from binging or treating yourself a little too often.

2- Close your laptop and get your butt off that chair. Take 30 minutes to an hour at noon or so for a physical break. I understand that the computer has power over you and you can’t bare to tear yourself away from it, but you must. I have a treadmill and elliptical machine in my basement, so I utilize those during my physical break. But you don’t need that kind of equipment. And just because its somewhat cold out, doesn’t mean your legs can’t move. Take a brisk 20 minute walk around your neighborhood and maybe pick up your laundry while you’re at it—double the efficiency.

3- Sleep at least 7 hours. I’ve talked about this before, but keeping yourself on a good sleep schedule is super critical to successfully taking care of yourself. You can’t pass out to infomercials every night and wake up after 11 a.m. everyday, and expect yourself to get a bunch of productive work done. Try to get up at 8:30 (or 9 at  the latest) and hit the sack by midnight. You will have more energy, get more work done and be doing your body a big service, all at the same time.

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I missed you blog. But now, I am back. Back to writing about navigating my way around this crazy media landscape that is New York City. What has changed since I’ve been gone and why am I back?

In July, I started working as an Editorial Assistant at a start-up, self-help website that had some big investors, one being a major media company. I learned so much, worked with great people and was beyond satisfied with my position. I looked forward to going to work in the morning and was eager to continue gaining experience at this company. As you know (unless you have found some amazingly cozy, group of rocks/cave to live in/under), the stock market has been a bit unpredictable and very shaky. The shaky market and overall economic environment of the country/world shook things up at work and there were lay offs, and I was one of them.

Enter roller coaster of emotions. I was in complete shock. I had been religiously following how bad the markets were doing but for some reason, I thought I was exempt from their effects. I felt as if a rug was ripped out form underneath me and most of all, I felt embarrassed. I was so excited about the position I had and about working in such a wonderful place, I didn’t realize how low I’d feel after such a high. Enter phase 2: From sadness to anger/bitterness. I felt cheated and ripped off, as if I just realized I lost half my money in a pyramid scam.

Once I got over feeling angry, the way I felt next could best be described with this phrase, “Shit. I need to get a job NOW.” I realized new undergrads would soon be becoming college graduates and they, too, would be job hunting and more people would be getting laid off soon, not less, and they, too would be searching. Therefore, I needed to hop off my emotional roller coaster, quit feeling and just start doing.

So for the last few weeks, I’ve been doing. I’ve been getting in touch with all my contacts, not being embarrassed and telling them what went down and how they can help, I’m applying to jobs, interviewing for positions, emailing editors at places I want to work for informational meetings, sending my resume and asking about open positions. I’ve discovering new job web sites and resources, I’m taking a freelancing course, designing my own website to showcase my clips and who I am and making more connections every single day. It took me about a week to get back into job search mode, but I haven’t stopped now that I’ve started. I’m the busiest unemployed person I know (unfortunately, I know a lot).


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