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Banging out this blog entry 35 minutes before my self-imposed deadline of a post before midnight isn’t exactly getting off to a great start. No one said this challenge would be easy! I’m disciplining myself to get all these great thoughts down, even (well, especially) when I am lacking motivation.

Tonight was the season finale of Entourage. Right before the show, I was on the phone with my pal Michael talking about how I feel like Vinny Chase—once feeling on top of the world, now doubting myself without a clue of what my next move is (or in his case, movIE). At the end of the episode, Vinny scored the lead role in a Martin Scorsese film. Totally corny and ridiculous, but I am taking that as I sign that I will end up the star in my own major motion picture (read: dream career).

Next week brings some big things. I should be hearing some news, I will be meeting more people and making more connections. The fruits of my online labor have been showing—some people have contacted me through Twitter and others have reached out on LinkedIn. LinkedIn also has these new guides on how to maximize the site depending on who you are/what you are looking for. This is the link for job seekers. If you are trying to pimp your online presence, I would also suggest checking out Google’s starter guide to SEO.

Ice skating at the Pond at Bryant Park
I leave you with this photo from yesterday’s ice skating

Till tomorrow,


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