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Dear Blogosphere,

I know I have to start writing daily–these weekly recaps are not nearly as effective as my day to day struggles. Once things calm down a bit over here, I promise I will post more often than weekly.

Monday, 4/21: Went to gynecologist. Nothing exciting, though I did wonder how many “unpleasant experiences” my doctor has had in his twenty something years of practice. I chalked this up to my journalistic sense of wanting to ask questions and learn more about everything..

Tuesday, 4/22: Dinner with my friend Jessica, also a journalist. She interns at The Daily News and used to be the EIC of her student newspaper. Over clams in a green sauce and garlic bread at a Spanish tapas bar/dive she told me how she landed her first gig at USA Today. Jess is really excited about it and I am too–she’s moving to Virginia for it and I’m proud. It was also good to be able to discuss work with someone who really cares about it. I know this is ridiculous, but I hate talking about work with people who are just “eh” about it. It takes away from my passion and just makes me plain annoyed.

Wednesday, 4/23: My first job interview! Interview with Jake Greene, author and informational meeting with Meredith Halpern, Executive Director, Marketing & Communications at Hunter. I really enjoyed the job interview–it was great conversation and I got to put some ideas out there. I would love to work there. I think it went well, did the edit test and will keep you posted.

Interview with Jake went great, I think his book, Whoa, My Boss is Naked! is such a good read, well written and perfect for my age group. It was also really cool just to be talking to an author.

Meeting with Meredith also went well. I really like her. I think she is such a great asset for Hunter and she never talks down to me, always treats me as an equal, and I really appreciate and respect that.

Thursday, 4/24: I get my first press badge. Press passOhhh and it felt so good. Time Out New York printed it up for me for the Tribeca Film Festival. It has my name and photo and says “Writer, TONY” which is totally cool. I tried to play it off like “no biggie” but I was celebrating. My parents were so excited, haha. (Never mind them, I was so excited I photographed it.)

Friday, 4/25-Sunday 4/27: is a blur. The Rangers lost the first two games against Pittsburgh. I was devestated. I did see Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay on Friday night though–I love bad college movies. It tried to be all satirical but I think it tried a little too hard. Sunday I felt so burnt out that I watched like 4 hours of Gossip Girl. In the morning, me and my male counterpart Michael did the extremely city thing of going to Sunday brunch. We went to ONE and dropped, well a bunch of city cash. I did have a bloody mary though, which made me feel super cool.

Monday, 4/27: I interview someone I really look up to, Sloane Crosley. Sloane works in publicity at an imprint at Random House and just recently published a book, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, which is a bunch of essays detailing her very New York experiences. I did it for our summer reading piece for The Envoy but talking to her was great. I tried not to let her know how cool I really thought she was but in my thank you email I said “Thanks for speaking with me today! I love the book and totally corny, but I am hoping my career will be as successful as yours has been.” Ok so that is not exactly keeping it cool but I can’t help it, I do aspire to do what she had done.

Also on Monday: I downloaded The Kills “Sour Cherry.” It is the song that plays during the OMFG Gossip Girl commercials. I know, I’m addicted. But it is an awesome song and the show is addictive, New York-ish and my guilty pleasure. In other GG news, 4/28’s episode featured Yin Chang, student at Hunter and new co-star to Blake Lively. Read about this local girl hitting the CW 11 here. Hunter was actually on the show tonight–the incredibly attractive twentysomethings-playing-high schoolers took the SATs there.

This Week:

Press screening at Tribeca Film Festival
Informational meetings with various editors at different publications. I went crazy and sent out emails to not just try to hook myself up, but to learn. I hope it works.

Rangers play tomorrow night, 4/29 and with work and all I probably won’t post again until Friday. Check back 🙂 .


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When you are in your twenties and you live in NYC life is good. Though you really don’t have or make much money you manage to visit some wild art galleries, catch Broadway shows and a few concerts at MSG, eat at amazing restaurants with your friends and see free movie screenings.

Sometimes in between happy hours (at a place with outside seating that makes you feel like sitting on a nasty sidewalk off 3rd Ave is doing an outdoor activity) and Pinkberry, you find yourself eating a peanut butter sandwich for dinner on a paper plate, with chocolate soy milk and a banana. This is usually because you live alone.

While savoring your kind-of-nutritious-yet-not- a-real-meal dinner you are usually in the midst of another activity, despite the fact that it is almost 10:30pm. If you are still in college/grad school this can range from research papers to the Pope visiting the synagogue next to your school tomorrow and you don’t have anyone covering the event to finding semi-cheap restaurants in the Hamptons for a story you are freelancing. In my case, I was freaking out because the Pope was in town, The Envoy wasn’t on it and I hadn’t even gone through all my emails yet.

OK let’s rewind–I wasn’t just freaking out because of the Pope issue. I was in one of those mind-whirlwinds, where you get caught up in your own world that you deem to be too chaotic and too pressure-filled so you have a mini panic attack just thinking about all the stuff you didn’t finish (and didn’t blog about).

Recap of important events/happenings/semi-epiphanies:


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